We offer aversion free, reward based training using positive reinforcement, classical conditioning and desensitization, and Behaviour Adjustment Training to help with some commons issues you may be experiencing with your dog.

This is not your traditional dog training. We don't do group training, or have a brick-and-mortar location. All initial consultations take place privately in your home/neighbourhood. We also work in higher distraction areas such as parks, downtown, near dog parks etc. Places where you and your dog frequent in real life!

Initial behavioural consults consist of discussion, canine assessment and history, demonstrations, and hands on practice. They take about an hour and include on-going email support when needed. Follow up sessions of approximately 45 minutes are available to practice skills learned and to work with higher distractions. 

We can help with:
- Puppy foundations

- Basic obedience

- Leash reactivity

- Pulling on walks

- Increasing engagement
- House training
- Crate training
- Nervous/Anxious dogs
- Overly excitable dogs

- Resource guarding


Initial Consult + First session

Approx. 1 hour.
We will take a history, discuss issues you're having and your goals.

We can start working hands on with your dog.

After the consult you will receive an email detailing what was discussed,

things to work on, and how best to proceed.


Follow up Sessions

Approx. 45 mins.
We continue to work on issues, increasing distractions and

building on your learned skills through follow up sessions.

This are booked pay-as-you-go style,

no need to commit to a certain number of session or pay all at once. 


Please note:

​All prices are plus HST.

50% non-refundable deposit required for booking. Remainder invoiced after week two.

We do not consult on any human aggression cases or cases of dog aggression amongst multiple dogs in the same home.

Check out our Resources page for local trainers we recommend.

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Heidi Doucet is a supporting member of IAABC working her way towards a Certified Professional Dog Trainer certificate. She has worked with hundreds of dogs through her 12 years of dog walking, sitting, and now training. She has also helped many rescue dogs over the last few of year as a foster mom. Through her hands on work and the knowledge acquired through extensive research, reading, attending seminars and conferences, taking courses and workshops, and working with other trainers, she has the skills to help clients through common behavioural issues.

Behaviour Consultations.