Dog Sitting.

Multiple Daily Visits - not currently available
Dogs will stay alone overnight in their own homes and will receive a minimum of four visits per 24 hour period, typically morning, noon and evening, and before bed. This is a great option for if you're going away for one or two nights and your dog can be alone overnight.

Visits include a walk, food and water, play time, 'accident' clean ups, pet and scratches and lots of love.

We can also water plants, bring in mail, rotate blinds and lights, administer medicines.

We will email you a daily photo with an update of your loved one.

[$60 per four visits]  [$15 for one additional dog]

Overnight Dog Boarding - not currently available
Worried about leaving your dog alone overnight? We offer overnight dog care in our home, with all the comforts of your own home. We have lots of experience with different breeds, temperaments, training regiments, and medical needs so your pup will be in good hands.

We offer a quiet home with no children and a fenced in yard. We will follow your dogs regular feeding and walking schedule, as well as adhering to any training guidelines you have in place. Your dog will receive at least two short walks and one longer trail walk (1 hour) each day.

We email you a daily photo with an update of your loved one.

All prices are subject to HST.