Home School Training Program.

We offer a home school training program for clients who want us to work with their dog on some basic obedience, while they are at work. These are ideal for older puppies and new rescues that need a bit (or a lot) of extra help. These are 30-45 minute training sessions, done weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. They're done in clients homes, neighbourhood, and parks with one of our dog trainers. We may also work in different locations to add in distractions  as your dog progresses. Each session includes a detailed description of what was worked on, photos/videos, and homework to work on. These programs are four weeks long, either twice a week or three times a week depending on the clients training goals. After week two and four week there is a 45 minute transfer session, where we work with the client present to help transfer skilled learned.

We do a thorough meet and greet before to go over your dog's history and your training goals and to help you select the best package.  
Once you dog's issues are at a manageable level, we can switch to a private or group walk, depending on availability. 

We can help with many common issues such as:

  • loose leash walking
  • focus and attention to handler
  • leash reactivity
  • recall
  • basic commands
  • being calm
  • building confidence



Basic Package

Two training sessions per week, for four weeks.

Two transfer sessions.

10 sessions total


Advanced Package

(great for puppies)

Three sessions per week, for four weeks.

Two transfer sessions.

14 sessions total

Additional Training Session

30-45 mins.

Perfect for adding on extra sessions, or to try it out.

Additional  Transfer Session

45 mins.

Perfect if the humans need a bit of extra help


Please note:

 All prices subject to HST.

We do not handle any dogs that show aggression to humans. If you think this may apply to your dog, but aren't quite sure, feel free to reach out and we'll go over a few things before the meet and greet. If you're dealing with a human reactive dog, see our resources page for a list of great experienced trainers we recommend.