Your pet is family.

Heidi's Happy Hounds is a professional dog walking and consulting company that has been helping clients and dogs in Guelph since 2010. We offer the peace of mind you're looking for when you aren't able to be there for your furry family members.

From short bathroom breaks, to group adventures, to training walks to dealing with bahaviour issues, we've got you covered!

We specialize in puppies and have created a program to build on what clients are learning in standard force-free puppy classes. Our visits are designed to reinforce desired behaviors, build confidence, provide socialization, and set puppies up for success, not just let them out for a pee and a play.

With our dog consultations and training walks we provide help for clients dealing with some common issues, such as loose leash walking and leash reactivity.

We also offer pet sitting for dogs, cats, and other small animals.

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Why Choose Heidi's Happy Hounds?
* We are a locally owned and operated licensed business.
* We are certified in Pet First Aid, through Walks 'N Wags.
* We are insured and bonded, through ProFur Insurance.

* We have been in business since 2010.

* We are a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

* Puppies are our passion! Our Puppy Package is unmatched in Guelph, and will help set your new pup up for success.

​* All of Heidi's Happy Hounds walkers are over 18 years of age, have clean police checks, and are life long animal lovers with lots of experience caring for dogs.

As a small, independent business your satisfaction and your pets happiness are very important to us. Animals are our passion and you can trust that your animals will be left with someone who is knowledgeable, caring, and professional. 

You won't be just another client... You'll become part of the Happy Hounds Family!

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Dog Sitting

Your pet will enjoy all the comforts of staying at home, even when you're not.  Animals are happier and suffer less when they remain in a comfortable, familiar environment and they avoid the risks of kennel related diseases and behaviour problems.

We also look after cats and all your small animals, including fish, guinea pigs, bunnies, and chickens!

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Cat and Small

Animal Sitting

We know you just want the best for your dog and sometimes you need a little help on how to get there. Let us show you how to set you're dog up for success. Whether it's a new puppy, a recent rescue, or a problem your dog just can't seem to kick. We can give you the tools to work on the issue and help you and your dog live your best life.

Helping your hounds stay happy and healthy, since 2010!

Dog Walking

Dog Consulting

Dogs are very social animals and they require daily exercise and socialization to remain happy and healthy.  Dogs who receive exercise throughout the day are less likely to have destructive behaviour associated with boredom.  It is also important to help dogs maintain a healthy level of socialization and obedience. Just think of how much happier your pup will be after having a midday walk and how much easier they will be to handle when you get home from a long day at work, guilt-free.