Initial Consult

(this is the first step)

Approx. 1 - 1.5 hours.
We will take a history, discuss issues you're having and your goals.

We can start working hands on with your dog.

After the consult you will receive an email detailing what was discussed

and our training plan for moving forward.


Follow up Sessions

(after initial consultation)

Approx. 45 mins - 1 hour.
We continue to work on issues, increasing distractions and

building on your learned skills through follow up sessions.

This are booked pay-as-you-go style,

no need to commit to a certain number of session or pay all at once. 


  • All prices subject to HST.

We do not consult on any human aggression cases.

Check out our Resources page for local trainers we recommend.​​

Are You Struggling to Enjoy Life With Your Dog?

* Do you need help getting your dog to focus, listen, behave?

* Are behaviour issues preventing you from doing the things you always dreamed of doing with your dog?

* Are you worried your dog's issues are getting worse?

​Let us help you and your dog achieve your goals and life you're lives to the fullest!

No more stress or frustration over your dog's behaviour, it's time to live the life you've always wanted with your dog!

​We offer private training to help you with whatever issues you're experiencing. We know you'll see immediate results even with just one session, and lasting results over time as you learn to incorporate our training techniques into your daily life with your dog. ​​​​

Private Training.


Heidi Doucet is a supporting member of IAABC working her way towards a Certified Professional Dog Trainer certificate. She has worked with hundreds of dogs through her 13 years of dog walking, sitting, and now training. She has also helped many rescue dogs over the last few years as a foster mom. Through her hands on work and the knowledge acquired through extensive research, reading, attending seminars and conferences, taking courses and workshops, and working with other trainers, she has the skills to help clients through common behavioural issues.

This is not your traditional dog training. We don't do group training or have a brick-and-mortar location. All initial consultations take place privately in your home. Follow up sessions can take place either in your home, neighbourhood, or in higher distraction areas such as parks, downtown, near dog parks etc. Places where you and your dog frequent in real life! We only use science-backed aversion free, reward and relationship based training techniques.

Private training starts with a questionnaire about your dog's history, any issues you're experiencing, and your training goals. We then set up a time to do a behavioural assessment and start training right away! We'll talk about our training methods, body language, how dog's learn, and why we do certain things. We may offer demonstrations, hands on practice, and management information for immediate help, and we'll create a training plan and assess how long it may take to achieve your goals. The first session will take about an hour and a half and is followed up with a detailed email and an individualized training plan. On-going email support is included when needed.

After the first session, follow up sessions of approximately 45 minutes to an hour are available, usually on  a weekly schedule, to continue to work on behaviour modifications, to practice skills learned, and to work with higher distractions.

We can help with:

  • Puppy foundations
  • Basic obedience
  • Leash reactivity
  • Pulling on walks
  • Increasing engagement
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Nervous/Anxious dogs
  • Overly excitable dogs
  • Resource guarding
  • Coming when called​​