How Does The Program Work?

  • We do a thorough consultation to go over your dog's history and your training goals and to help you select the best package. 
  • We will come to your home either 2 or 3 times a week (depending on your training goals) between 9 a.m and 4 p.m. You don't need to be home for the daily sessions so it won't take extra time out of your busy schedule.  We will work with your dog for 30 - 45 min. Training sessions will include a walk, play, and training to optimise your dogs concentration.
  • Each session includes a detailed description of what was worked on and homework.
  • These programs are four weeks long. After week two and four week there is a 1 hour transfer session, where we work with you to help teach you all the skills your dog has been learning, answer questions in person, and do live demonstrations.
  • It's important to know that while your dog will have an chance to relieve themself during the training, sessions are scheduled based on the availability of trainer, not on clients individual needs. ​​

Your dog will learn:

  • core behaviours (sit, down, stand, touch, place, stay, leave it, drop, off)
  • loose leash walking
  • recall
  • focus and attention to handler
  • how to being calm and confidence
  • how to manage leash reactivity​​



Initial Consultation

30 mins.

We will go over your training goals, any issues you're having, and arrange entry to you home if you will be at work when we come.


Basic Package

2 training sessions per week, for 4 weeks + 2 transfer sessions. (10 sessions total)

Lifelong email support.

Access to our monthly Pack Walks.


Advanced Package

3 sessions per week, for 4 weeks + 2 transfer sessions. (14 sessions total)

Lifelong email support.

Access to our monthly Pack Walks.

Additional Training Session

30-45 mins.

Perfect for adding on extra sessions.

Additional  Transfer Session

1 hour

Perfect if the humans need a bit of extra help.


  • All prices subject to HST.
  • A 50% deposit is required before first session, the remainder is due after the first transfer session (around week 2-3).

We do not handle any dogs that show aggression to humans. If you think this may apply to your dog, but aren't quite sure, feel free to reach out and we'll go over a few things before the meet and greet. If you're dealing with a human reactive dog, see our resources page for a list of great experienced trainers we recommend. Available in Guelph only.

Day Training Program.

Are You Struggling to Enjoy Life With Your Dog?

* Are there things you would LOVE to work on with your dog, if you could only find the time and energy?

* Are you OVERWHELMED with all the things you want to teach your dog and don't know where to start?

* Do you want MORE HANDS ON HELP than a 1 hour class each week can offer?

Let us help you achieve the dog of your dreams while you're at work!

This is a unique and comprehensive training program perfect for busy families, first time dog owners, or new puppy owners.

This program includes the benefits of a traditional board and train program, without having to send your dog away to an unfamiliar place for multiple weeks. All training happens in the comfort of your home and neighbourhood, where it really matters! 
This is a detailed training program and it's
 completely customized to suit your goals and family life.