"As sad as I am to say goodbye to Finney in the morning, I always know that he's going to have a great time with Heidi and that he's in the best possible hands. He loves her as much as he loves us and is always excited to see her! Heidi has been so flexible with my ever changing schedule and is incredibly reliable. I love receiving her text after the walk to let me know how he was that day. It's comforting and is always a bright spot in my day when I'm missing the little guy. I highly recommend her." - Robin

"I would absolutely recommend Heidi to anyone that asks for a responsible and professional dog walking service. Heidi has been walking my German Shepherd for a couple years now and I have never had any issues. My dog can be aggressive around other dogs but Heidi is experienced and can handle her behavior. Always available, reliable and lovely! " - Sarah


"Heidi is flexible, accommodating with her scheduling, affordable, easy to get a hold of, and most importantly, sweet, loving, and responsible with the care of our dog. We couldn't be happier with her service and our dog loves her!" - Angela

"Like many families, our pets are important members of our family.  Heidi and the Happy Hounds Team give us peace of mind that Reggie is well taken care of when we are away at work and school. The team provides flexibility with hours of availability and consistently demonstrate their respect for Reggie as well as our home.  Our previous pets required special care because Shadow was a senior and Bentley suffered with behavioural and health issues.  Heidi provided excellent advice to support our pets and family and she showed a great deal of patience.  Thank you Heidi, Tonya and Sarah." -Susan

"It has been a great relief for me to have the assistance of Heidi’s Happy Hounds. Especially during extreme weather when I cannot always bring my dog with me. Words that come to me are RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, KIND and they will do their best to work you into their schedule. My connection with Heidi’s Happy Hounds has made a huge difference to our lives." - Sue

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"With a busy schedule, which includes working shift work, I am very lucky to have Heidi who is a reliable and flexible dog walker.  Heidi is an amazing help!  She is always professional, reliable and very accommodating.  Heidi cares for my dog as if it were her own.  She always keeps me updated on how the walk went and I have piece of mind knowing my dog is safe, exercised, and happy when I can't be home." - Anna





"We have a husky/shepherd/collie mix from the humane society, who as a 10 week old puppy had severe separation anxiety and fear of men/children and unknown circumstances. She required a lot of special care and couldn't be left alone for long periods of time. We hired Heidi to help us very early on. Heidi was extremely patient with Halley and even helped to encourage her to be brave. On the days that Halley is too anxious to walk, Heidi spends quality time with her and plays with her. She sends us regular updates which helps to put us at ease when we are away from the house for long periods of time. Overall, we have had a great experience with Heidis Happy Hounds and recommend Heidi to all our friends! " -Lori



"Heidi's services give me great peace of mind. She is reliable, knowledgeable and caring, and I trust her with with my dog. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog walker." - Alex


"We have been working with Heidi for just over a year now and we cannot say enough about her services!  Heidi is flexible and meets our needs 100% of the time!  She and her walkers are the most caring and responsible dog-lovers ever!  We would recommend Heidi's Happy Hounds to anyone who needs a reliable dog walking service!"
- Mari-Ann, Paul and Mayai

"Our beloved pooch Dax was a rescue who came to our home with a number of issues. Heidi took the time to give us pointers on how to socialize him with other dogs and people and made suggestions on exercises and toys to help with his stress. She is incredibly knowledgeable and exceedingly reliable. It is more than just the fact that she obviously loves animals, she respects them and wants what’s best for them and it shows in her work and interaction. She has bonded with every furry addition to our family and thanks in no small part her help we are now the proud owners of an exceedingly happy, only slightly crazy dog ☺." - Jenefer


"Heidi has been a lifesaver! My schedule is unpredictable and she often helps out in a pinch, plus her rates are excellent. My pooch is always calm and happy when I get home after a long day at work. Thanks!"  - Denise

"We have been using Heidi's dog walking service for over a year and we are extremely happy with the service. She is prompt at communicating, flexible, and reasonably priced. We work irregular schedules and often have to change when we need our dog walked on a weekly basis; sometimes daily. Heidi is always on time and tells us how the walk went every time. She genuinely cares for our dog's welfare. We can't recommend Heidi enough, she gives us peace of mind every day!" - Nicola + Ryan


"What can I say about Heidi that I haven't already told her before? She and those she employs are absolutely incredible, dedicated and immensely professional. My dog Roman absolutely adores Heidi and is always excited when she comes by to see him. I work two jobs and since Roman is an Australian Shepherd, he needs a lot of exercise, which is difficult when I need to jump from one job to the next. Heidi's always attentive to his needs, taking him for a hour run so he can burn some energy. He especially loves it when she takes her bike with her and he's constantly running. I have no doubt or worry that he comes home utterly exhausted.  She has also been available when I've suddenly had to go to my part time job unexpectedly and worry about Roman being alone for so long. She'll always come by to see him. And if she can't make it then someone else will. I've had concerts to go to in Toronto and she'll see him later at night so he'll have a chance to get out. It is such a relief to know that he's so well looked after in my absence. Any dog I have now or in the future, I know I can trust Heidi to give them the best care possible. No one else will do." - Brie

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