Dog Walking.

Private 30 or 60 minute walks

We offer regular 30 or 60 minute walks.

These walks are great for most dogs. They can be of a structured or a decompression nature, whichever is best for your dog. Dogs thrive on consistency, especially young dogs, so we will adhere to whatever training routine your dog is following to help keep everything consistent.These walks are typically done in your neighbourhood, however for 60 minute walks driving to a trail or park for a long line or off-leash walk are also possible (with client's approval.)

Successful Puppy Visits

Don't let all the hard work you're doing with your puppy go out the window by hiring the wrong dog walker!

We offer an amazing specialized and unique program for puppies, available to pups between two to seven months old. This consists of two highly structured visits during your work day, approximately 3 hours apart. We focus on setting your puppy up for success by using positive reinforcement to build confidence, work on impulse control, encourage focus and attention, and work on basic training. We prioritize socialization and working within your puppy's comfort zone. Any feeding needs are included in visits.

Training Walks

We offer 30 minute training walks, ideal for older puppies and new rescues that need a bit (or a lot) of extra help.

We can help with many common issues such as:

  • loose leash walking
  • focus and attention to handler
  • leash reactivity
  • recall
  • basic commands
  • building confidence

These are done in your neighbourhood with one of our dog trainers. We do a through meet and greet before to go over your dog's history and your training goals. We recommend at least two walks a week, each includes a detailed description of what was worked on, photos/videos, and homework to work on. Once a month we encourage the owners to come along on a walk to see first hand what we've been working on, practice with the trainer, and ask any questions.

Once you dog's issues are at a manageable level, we can switch to a private or group walk, if desired.

Please note that at this time we do not handle any dogs that show aggression to humans. If you think this may apply to your dog, but aren't quite sure, feel free to reach out and we'll go over a few things before the meet and greet. If you're dealing with a human reactive dog, see our resources page for a list of great experienced trainers we recommend.

Group Walks

We offer 50 minute group walks with a maximum of four dogs.

These are perfect for active, social dogs, and a great learning experience for older puppies! These often include driving to a park or trail, so the dogs can be out of the house for up to 1.5 hours. We can do off leash or use long lines, if appropriate. We never go to dog parks. At least one 30 private walk is required before booking group walk to assess your dog.


15 minutes
Short walk ideal for seniors or dogs nursing injuries. Additional dog add $4
30 minutes
Perfect length for most dogs. Additional dog add $5
 1 hour
Perfect for young or more active dogs. Additional dog add $10

Successful Puppy Visits
(two 30 min visits)


Curriculum evolves as puppy does. Detailed update after each visit.

Available to puppies 2 to 7 months.

Training Walk

(30 or 60 minutes)



Great option for new rescues or dogs that need help with some specific issues.

50 minute Group Walk


Max of 4 dogs. 30 private walk required before booking group walk to assess your dog.

Additional dog add $10

Please note: Above prices are valid weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and for regular clients (at least one scheduled walk per week).

Non-regular clients (less than one walk a week) and evening and weekend walks are subject to 10% surcharge.

The safety of your dog, your home, and our walkers has always been our main priority at Heidi's Happy Hounds. We have taken many precautions to ensure we can continue to operate safely during this pandemic.

Before each walk:

  • Walking equipment (leash/collars/harnesses) is checked.
  • Weather and environmental conditions are taken into account.
  • Phobias, behaviour issues, and reactivity are taken into consideration.
  • With the exception of our groups walks, all of our walks are private and on leash (unless requested by owner, and approved by Heidi)
  • Masks are wore inside.
  • Hand sanitizer is used before and after all walks.
  • Masks and Curbside pick up or social distancing when clients are home.
  • Contact-free, cashless invoicing system.
  • Walker self-assessments are done each morning and no one works unless this is completed and passed.
  • All of Heidi's Happy Hounds walkers are over 18 years of age, have clean police checks, and are life long animal lovers with prior experience taking care of dogs.

Cancellation Fee

(made with less than 24 hours notice)

Cancellation Fee
(after 9 am day of service) 
Full Price
Key Drop Off/Pick Up Fee
Evenings (after 6pm) and Weekends
Add 10%
Holidays *
Add 50%

* Holidays include:

New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. 

Rates subject to HST.

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