​​Our Philosophy

* We strive to enrich the lives of pets and their families by providing excellent pet care, peace of mind, trust, and security.

* We believe in nurturing your dog and helping them follow a consistent and reliable schedule, routine, and training plan.

* We understand our main priority is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients, and the health and happiness of their pets.

* We commit to only using aversion free, reward based training and communication to build and maintain trust, reduce stress, and safeguard our relationship with our canine clients.

Our Services

Dog Training

 We offer private sessions with clients and their dogs to work on common behaviour issues like engagement, loose leash walking, and reactivity. These are done in clients homes, neighbourhoods, and parks.

Dog Walking - not currently accepting new clients, but you can fill out the form on the contact us  page.

 We offer private walks, off leash adventures, and training walks to continue to work on training.


At Heidi's Happy Hounds we want you to be satisfied with the service you choose. If you need special arrangements, have concerns or need something you don't see here, please email us and we will be happy to discuss options with you. We know how important your dog is to you; your pup is part of your family. And as a client, your dog will be a part of our family too.   

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

Our Services.