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Our Philosophy

  • We want to enrich the lives of pets and their families by providing excellent pet care, peace of mind, trust and security.
  • We believe in nurturing your dog and helping them follow a consistent and reliable schedule.
  • We believe our main priority is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients, and the health and happiness of their pets.

We know how important your dog is to you; your pup is part of your family. And as a client, your dog will be a part of our family too.

Why Do You Need a Dog Walker?
Dogs are very social animals and they require daily exercise and socialization to remain happy and healthy. Dogs who receive exercise throughout the day are less likely to have destructive behaviour associated with boredom, such as chewing and barking. It is also important to help dogs maintain a healthy level of obedience.

Puppies need even more attention. Heidi's Happy Hounds offers a unique experience for puppies between the ages of 2 and 7 months. Our Successful Puppy visits help set your dog up for success by making every moment we spend with them a learning experience. While other dog walking companies simply let your dog out to pee, do a short walk, and have some play time, we believe puppies need and deserve more than that.
We incorporate socialization, handling, impulse control, and guarding prevention into every visit. We focus on building confidence, reinforcing desired behaviours and discouraging unwanted ones. As your puppy learns, they will be continuously challenged so they grow into a happy, well balanced dog. We can follow the training program you already have in place, or create a new one for you. (Although we highly recommend enrolling your puppy in a group puppy class!) And of course we also tend to your puppy's feeding and elimination needs, including a pee break as soon as we get there and right before we leave to help with house training. We also take care of any potential accidents from tiny bladders.
The Meet 'N Greet for Dog walking and Pet Sitting
Each new client will receive a complimentary Meet 'N Greet. It gives us an opportunity to meet you, your family and your pet(s) and we will have a discussion to determine what service best suits your pet’s needs and conduct an assessment. This meeting will take place in your home.

For dog walking clients we will discuss the times, days, frequency, and length of walks you require, your dogs breed and temperament, your location.

For dog and pet sitting clients we will discuss travel dates, location, breed and temperament, and your specific needs.

If you decide to choose Heidi's Happy Hounds to care for your dog, you will fill out a service agreement which includes information specific to your pup, including vet and emergency contact info. We will go over their routine, and you will be assigned a Primary Pet Care Provider, the main care giver for your dog. A key exchange or equal arrangements would also be made at this time, as well as answering ANY questions you may have.

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions prior to this meeting. You may also want to fill out this form before the meeting.


At Heidi's Happy Hounds we want you to be satisfied with the service you choose.  If you need special arrangements, have concerns or need something you don't see here, please email us and we will be happy to discuss options with you.   

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