Our Philosophy

We treat your dog and home with the love, care and respect we would use to treat our own. We believe in nurturing our client’s dogs, in their own home environment and helping our pups follow a consistent and reliable schedule. At Heidi's Happy Hounds you and your dog’s happiness is our main concern. We know how important your dog is to you; your pup is part of your family. And as a client your dog will be a part of our family too.

Why do I Need a Dog Walker?
Dogs are very social animals and they require daily exercise and socialization to remain happy and healthy.  They should be encouraged from a young age to greet and interact with other dogs and people. If a dog doesn’t have the opportunity to socialize, it can’t be expected to interact appropriately.  Dogs who receive exercise throughout the day are less likely to have destructive behaviour associated with boredom such as chewing and barking.  It is also important to help dogs maintain a healthy level of obedience. Just think of how much happier your pup will be after having a midday walk and how much easier they will be to handle when you get home from a long day at work, guilt-free.

Puppies need even more attention.  Since puppies come with small puppy bladders, your pup will need more frequent outings than an adult dog. Puppy visits ensure your puppy will be house-trained sooner, rather than getting used to doing his business in his crate or on a pee pad.  Getting out throughout the day will also give your puppy the attention and social interaction he craves. This will help your puppy avoid destructive behaviours such as chewing and barking as well as separation anxiety.
The Meet 'N Greet
Each new client will receive a complimentary Meet 'N Greet. We will do an initial phone meeting (or email, if you prefer). This is to find out what you are looking for specifically.  For dog walking clients we will discuss the times, days, frequency, and length of walks you require, your dogs breed and temperament, your location. For dog and pet sitting clients we will discuss travel dates, location, breed and temperament, and your specific needs. We will use this information to assign a Primary Pet Care Professional to you and your dog.  We will then set up the Meet 'n Greet.  This meeting will be in your home with Heidi. It's purpose is to allow us to get to know you and your pets needs so we can personalize your service. If you decide to choose Heidi's Happy Hounds to care for your dog, you will fill out a service agreement which includes information specific to your pup, including vet and emergency contact info. We will go over their routine, and you will be assigned a Primary Pet Care Provider, the main care giver for your dog. A key exchange or equal arrangements would also be made at this time, as well as answering ANY questions you  may have. Please be sure to read our 
Terms and Conditions prior to this meeting.

The Walks
All of our walks are private and on leash.  We walk your dog through your own neighbourhood. If you have a ravine or park nearby, we are happy to walk there, otherwise we walk on the street, exploring the local area.  We will follow whatever training routine you and your dog are on, to keep everything consistent, which is important especially with young dogs.  You dogs safety is our main priority.  Walking equipment (leash/collars/harnesses) are always checked before heading out, weather and environmental conditions are always taken into account before walks, as are any quirky phobias your dog may have.  All of Heidi's Happy Hounds walkers are over 18 years of age, have clean police checks and are life long animal lovers with prior experience taking care of dogs.

The Extra Touches
With Heidi's Happy Hounds not only will your dog receive this much needed exercise and attention, but your house key will not be labeled and is kept in a locked box when not in use, your door will always be locked, your house will be left clean and unaltered, and you will receive a text or email after each walk.  We also offer advice, assist with training and behavioural issues, and can recommend other pet services, like vets, trainers, groomers.

At Heidi's Happy Hounds we want you to be satisfied with the service you choose.  If you need special arrangements, have concerns or need something you don't see here, please email us and we will be happy to discuss options with you.   

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