Do You Have A New Puppy Under 16 Weeks Old At Home?

* Do you know that socialization is more that just meeting lots of dogs and people?

* Do you know that the window for socialization ends at 16 weeks of age?

* Do you need some extra help tackling this all important task?

​Let us help set your puppy up for a life time of success!

Proper socialization in puppies is extremely important to help them develop into well-adjusted and confident adult dogs. It begins very early and is time sensitive, with the window closing around 16 weeks. Because of this short window, socialization needs to be the number one priority for new dog owners. Socialization is a huge passion of ours, so let us help you and your puppy accomplish it while you're at work or busy doing other things.

*Puppies must be between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks for this package. Completing the 4th field trip prior to 18 weeks old.*​​

Puppy Socialization.


Initial Consultation

Approx. 30 mins
We will meet, meet your puppy, go over proper socialization techniques.

Wil will discuss your goals/needs, days/times of field trips. 

We usually do one a week for 4 weeks, how ever we can double up if you puppy is 13/14 weeks old.


Socialization Package

4 field trips, approx. 1 hour each.

Puppy will always have a chance to relieve themselves.

They will also have food, as we will use lots of kibble or treats to help with the process.

You will receive photos and a detailed report of all that was accomplished.

Clients also have life long access to our monthly Pack Walks.


  • All prices subject to HST.
  • Payment by e-transfer is due after meet and greet, prior to first field trips.​​

​How Does It Work?

  • ​We do a complimentary meet and greet first to go over your puppy's history, your goals, some proper socialization techniques, areas that you should focus on etc.
  • We will also discuss the days and times that work best for both of us. We come between 9 a.m and 4 p.m., weekdays. (Usually early-mid morning or mid-late afternoon.) Field trips last about an hour.
  • You don't need to be home when we come. If this is the case, we will discuss having access to your house. If you will be home, we will just knock.
  • Each field trip includes a detailed description of what was accomplished and things you may want to work on. And you are encouraged to ask any questions.
  • We aim to do one field trip a week, for four weeks, however we can double up if your dog is closer to 16 weeks of age. 


We can work on :

  • Neutrality in new environments
  • Body handling
  • Building confidence
  • Basic obedience
  • Meeting people
  • Positive exposure to novel people/places/sounds/textures